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How to Make Cans and Wood Cutlery Holder

Upcycle cans and some wood into creative cutlery holder

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6 Cool DIY Tree Stump Creations

I have always loved seeing tree stumps that people have spruced up to become a part of their homes.They always looks so stunning! I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my tree stumps, but I definitely wanted to give this project a try.

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DIY Stained Wood Shim Starburst Mirror – Step by Step

I have fallen in love with the classic look of these mirrors, but they never went down in price ($300+!) so I decided it was time to make one.

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11 Most Amazing Things Made of Wood

There are so many amazing and cool things that can be built and made by using wood, and these 11 Most Amazing Things Made of Wood will prove you that!

Amazing Things Made of Wood

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